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Ideal Physical Activities for Senior Population

As you grow old you are going to experience a gradual change in your physical capabilities because of the slow but constant decline in your body physiological capacity especially after you hit your 50th birthday, when this happens you will experience challenges in completing tasks you previously completed seamlessly because of loss of physical abilities associated with aging. Although aging is a natural process and is inevitable, the physiological effects of aging can be slowed down through proper and regular physical activities, it is worth noting the senior population is categorized as a high-risk group, and therefore they need a tailored fitness program that meets individual needs. Most people in the senior category experience difficulties with basic daily activities such as feeding, dressing, and bathing, these challenges can be addressed using ideal and customized physical activities, some of these exercises are outlined in this article so continue reading.

The senior population face challenges in doing simple tasks of daily living (ADL) like feeding, dressing, bathing as well as instrumental activities of daily living (IADL) such as cooking, shopping, and other home chores, because of aging-related chronic conditions like arthritis that significantly affect their flexibility, decreased muscle mass making it challenging for this group to withstand physical exertions for a considerable amount of time, heart conditions that put them on cardiac arrest risk among other things that make it hard to engage them in a regular exercise program. Therefore, this group can benefit from exercises that are tailored to improve ADL and IADL, the primary goal of the exercise program of the seniors should to make them independent, flexibility and fine mortar skills exercise play a vital role in this group.

One of the major cause of death of the senior population is heart attack which results in sudden death, this is why it is important to tailor an exercise program that aims at improving the cardiovascular system of this population, aerobic exercises are best at improving heart functionalities, however, these aerobic activities should be of low to moderate intensity to make sure the seniors are exercising within a safe zone, some of the popular aerobic activities are walking, hydrodynamics exercises, swimming and cycling, it is also advised to monitor the exercises and regularly check the heart rate, blood pressure and perceived exercise exertion to make sure they are safe and all possible risks associated with exercises for the seniors are minimized or eliminated, where possible collect data that you can use to modify or manipulate the exercise program to ensure you have a progressive fitness regimen which is safe and reliable.

Senior population is also at high risk of experiencing deteriorated and irreversible brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s this condition can also be slowed by keeping the seniors active with ADL and IADL such as walking, cooking, and dancing. You can use highlighted exercises to design a good exercise program for the senior population.